Women & Weights

Women & Weights

Most women today are afraid to lift weights because they think they will get ‘bulky’, and turn into an over-sized bodybuilder! In thinking this, they feel like ‘cardio’ is the only answer to lose weight, completely skipping out on strength (weight) training. Big NO NO!

If I told you that lifting weights actually burns calories, would you be more inclined to do it? Did you know that you can burn 10 pounds of fat without changing your diet just through weight training, or what is known as strength training? In your exercise routine, you need to include strength training with your cardio. Let me tell you why.

After you lift weights during your workout, your body will get a metabolic burst for an hour because it is trying to aid your muscles in recovery. PH.D researchers, at South Shore YMCA in Massachusetts, state that an additional 25 percent of calories are burned when lifting weights.

This means if you burned 200 calories during strength training, you really are burning about 250 calories. In addition, “every 3 pounds of muscle you build, you’ll burn an extra 120 calories a day,”-just chilling-. The reason for this is because muscle uses more energy to keep going.

So don’t be afraid of building muscle! Remember that bodybuilders consume a significant amount of calories lifting very heavy weights to ‘bulk up,” so an average girl working out will not turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger if done correctly! You will get that sexy muscle definition you really want, while burning extra calories when working out and even after you leave the gym!

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