Hovik John Seropyan

Certified Personal Trainer • Certified in Sports Nutrition

“I deliver results, not promises.”

37197_1538933645260_1592486926_31247357_3422460_nCertified personal trainer Hovik John Seropyan’s proven approach in personal training is focused on addressing each individual client’s strengths, weaknesses, and personal goals. By emphasizing individuality in his program, Seropyan connects every client’s goals with reachable and successful outcomes. Certified in Personal Training & Sports Nutrition, Hovik guides his clients through the maze of proper nourishment and healthy meal plans.

Whether your goal is to improve sports performance, gain muscle mass, fat loss, enhance strength and endurance, or simply feel confident in front of the mirror, Hovik will compose a fitness program that seamlessly blends with your lifestyle and schedule.

Hovik John Seropyan’s passion for fitness is reflected in his lifetime of sports and physical activities including bodybuilding, powerlifting, mixed martial arts, muay thai, hiking, swimming and boxing. Hovik was the Captain of the boxing team in 1994 under coach Khoren Indjian. His enthusiasm for health and fitness is influential, a quality his clients rely on as he challenges each one according to their own very specific conditioning. From seasoned athletes in football, soccer, boxing, mixed martial arts, to beginners who have never set foot in a gym, Hovik’s expertise has helped many attain and sustain a healthy lifestyle and desirable level of fitness.

Hovik’s zest for life extends beyond the gym. As a caring husband and father of three, his hobbies are family centered and include weigh lifting, mixed martial arts, hiking, traveling, fine dining and a love of animals.

NOW is the time to achieve your fitness goals with the help of an Expert Personal Fitness & Wellness Trainer.